Thursday, 3 April 2008

Lots to report!! Never enough time... Hubby should be home in the next 36hours. My son has just shown me (sorry haven't learnt to link yet) - it is an energy saver search engine.

I am finally admitting to a blog addiction, still adding new blogs to bloglines everyday. Must learn to stay away some days as I am not getting near enough done. There are definately some creative people out there though.

Yay!! I have completed a LO, I like to scrap but prefer Off The Page items. This one is of my youngest daughter with straight hair for a night out celebrating my sweet sisters 30th (makes me feel old!!!). This may seem a normal photo to you - but you haven't seen her crazy curly/wavy hair that is rarely tidy.

Hope the weather is treating you all better then yesterday, hubby says it will be 1 degree where he is tonight!!!

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A Spoon Full Of Sugar said...

Thanks for stopping by. Love your scrapbook page of your daughter - it is such a great way to preserve all those memories. I don't scrap myself but my daughter has been working on an album over the past 3 years. Hope your husband made it home safely - it is always busy when they are working away (makes you appreciate what they do to help!)