Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Another Day, Another Year Older

Thanks to www.bannerofblessings.blogspot.com for designing beautiful banners and to Katrina at www.littlelalas.blogspot.com (still need to learn to link!) for finding them for us. I have definately saved a couple to play with on my blog.

Well Autumn is definately settling in, I love this time of the year as it is not too cold or hot!! Being a red hear with freckles the sun just doesnt love me!!!

My lovely family came to have lunch with me on the weekend for my B'day and I received some lovely pressies. I finally started my collection of Gilmore Girls, 3 down 4 to go!!

I am madly finishing off some sewing so I can go onto other projects, have clothes I want to sew and a new quilt pattern. I am going to make this quilt up in black, red and white and am slowly gathering just the right fabrics for it...