Tuesday, 15 June 2010

June Long Weekend

Long gone is the day when the June Long Weekend meant Bonfire and fire crackers, days that I miss and wish my children were able to experience them. We spent the weekend with our gorgeous daughter and her handsome husband here at home, it is always a joy to have them in our company. The wedding album came on the journey with them and with so many lovely photos to choose from I am sure it will take some time to finally decide our favourites!

The weather has been quite chilly here in the Central Tablelands - including some sub zero temps, but at the same time absolutely glorious with crisp, sunny days and cold nights. Sunday was spent travelling to Young to visit extended family where we also took the opportunity to attend Iandra Castle Open Day. Such a site to behold and even more important to us as descendents of our family are heavily ensconsed in the history of this beautiful building and surrounding farmlands. We were also able to visit the Chapel just up the road where my Great Grandparents are buried, next time I hope to go via the old family farm but this trip has opened the door to my children and their ancestors.

There are lots of questions being asked and researched at the moment and it is really exciting to see how my Mothers maternal and paternal families are involved. My girls have decided they would like to live there and seeing it used to be part of the family, they see no reason why it shouldn't be returned!! One day I hope to go again and stay for longer, there are parts of the Castle you can not enter and it would be great to see those areas. It definately was a busy place with lots of people taking advantage of the beautiful weather and being able to step back in time and see an important landmark. Forward thinkers in the Agricultural Industry they most certainly where.

The remainder of the weekend was just spend in each others company, delicious food devoured, movie marathons and relaxing. This week I am looking forward to hopefully finishing an item or two and of course catching up on the housework and gardening~