Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Its About Time

Well it has been sometime since I posted... No lack of inspiration from other bloggers though - think I spend way too much time visiting. I will try to post more frequently even if I am the only one that sees it!

I have been knitting again, my jumper has taken at least 3 years to knit and still 1 1/4 sleeves to go. At least it is a Jo Sharp design so I dont think it will date. Still completing my BOM's, have done quite a bit of work on A Quilters Journey but really must work on the other two quilts if my girls are going to get them for christmas.

I have had this quilt top finished for some time, it features some of my all time fav fabric. Very interesting considering my house is so not shabby chic in style!!! I love red so like to have little splashes of it in things, even shabby chic. Need to find some fabric for the back, maybe a stripe or spot.
Here is a close up of the stitchery...


Chrissy said...

These are all so cute and girly, just love how pretty these are! What a clever cookie! :-)

Thanks so much for popping by my little online home and leaving such a sweet comment Pennie, you're a doll!

Hugs to you!
Chrissy x

Alex Hughes said...

Hi Pennie

Thanks for your comment at Scrap Alley Blogspot.

I came over for a visit and just LOVE your quilt top. It is gorgeous. Very me with the shabby chic colours. And I also love the wall hanging in the last post, you are very clever.

Bye for now